Tuesday- February 20, 2018
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About This Site

Amighty Technology (fromerly known as Right Colour & Design) was founded for the sole purpose of providing businesses affordable web sites. In today’s fast-paced economy, a money-saving and revenue-generating presence on the web is crucial for your business. Every businesses and organizations will benefit from having a web sites to reach a wider audience than could be accomplished through conventional means and on a much-reduced budget.

When it became apparent to us that many businesses with limited budgets were being charged, in some cases, thousands of dollars more than they could afford to acquire a presence on the world wide web, Amighty Technology developed a plan to provide an affordable solution.

We realized that these businesses also needed help getting their custom web sites noticed on the web, so we built a technology model to provide their web sites with the basic features and technology necessary for better placement on search engines and internet directories which is where research has shown most internet users go to find products and services from local businesses. And, for all businesses that want nationwide exposure, these same search engines and Internet directories provide them access to shoppers from Anywhere in World.

Our new technology model has proven to provide tremendous savings in the area of web programming and development. We also continue to take advantage of new advances in communications and development tools that allow Amighty Technology to stay at the competitive cutting edge in both services and pricing.


How can we offer such low prices for a custom-designed web site? By applying the latest technology and by keeping our overhead low. Amgihty – “Websites made Affordable!”

The hardest part for us? To communicate to business owners that they CAN have an affordable web site made the way they want for a price they can afford. Our advice to business owners: Don’t throw money to high-priced web designers. We can provide the same great features and unique custom design at unbeatable prices!

Amighty Technology

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